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Equidem launches its new research report

Equidem launches its new research report

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Equidem launches its new research report


Kathmandu, 23 November

Equidem launched its new research report “Unjust Transitions: Climate Migration, Heat Stress, and Labour Exploitation in the United Arab Emirates” on 20 November 2023 which uncovers labour rights violations on the same site where COP 28 will be held later this month, affecting migrant workers from Nepal and other countries. Out study shows a significant number (57%) of these migrant workers have migrated based on climate impacts in their own countries, only to experience abuses linked to climate change, such as heat stress, as well as a myriad of other human rights violations. Wage theft, nationality-based discrimination, exploitative hiring practices, overcrowded accommodation, and inadequate food allowances are just a number of violations that these workers have experienced. The report provides practical solutions to address the challenges faced by those workers.

Here is the link to the report: https://www.equidem.org/assets/downloads/Unjust_Transitions_-_Equidem_-_V4.pdf

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