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Training on combating Internet-based crimes against minors held

Training on combating Internet-based crimes against minors held

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Training on combating Internet-based crimes against minors held


Kathmandu, 20 October 2023

In the fight against crimes targeting children, the French Embassy in Nepal, in partnership with the Nepal Police, organized a 5-day training from 16 until 20 October 2023 focusing on combating Internet-based crimes against minors. This training was given two investigators from the French National Department for the Protection of Minors (OFMIN) and built upon the successful joint training held in September 2022 of similar nature.

The training delved into the realm of Internet paedocriminality, addressing issues related to the dark web, file-sharing services, and online forums where children and teenagers may be targeted by sexual predators.

“Protecting children from exploitation is not just a duty, but a collective responsibility that transcends borders. France is committed to working hand in hand with our international partners, like Nepal, to combat this global plague. Together, through unwavering cooperation, we can create a safer world for our children”, said Mr. Gilles BOURBAO, French Ambassador to Nepal, on the occasion.

Throughout the week, practical exercises and real-life scenario simulations were integral components of the training. This interactive approach provided Nepali police officers, coming from various departments including the Tourist Police, Cyber Bureau, Central Investigation Bureau, and the Women, Children, and Senior Citizen Service Directorate, with invaluable insights to enhance their capabilities in addressing cyber threats of this nature.

The certificates of participation were presented by Ambassador BOURBAO to the participants in the presence of the Executive Director of the National Police Academy, Additional Inspector General Mr. Sandeep BHANDARI.

Nepal and France remain steadfast in their joint commitment to safeguarding minors from such heinous offenses and fostering a safer digital environment. The partnership between the two countries on this subject has existed for many years, and judicial cooperation between the two countries has also played a major role in our combat to put an end to this kind of aggression on children.


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