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NRNA  Launches SPP 2.0

NRNA  Launches SPP 2.0

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NRNA  Launches SPP 2.0


Kathmandu, 20 September

The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) has proudly announced the launch of its ambitious initiative, the “Diaspora Connection – Progress and Long-Term Social Partnership Plan 2.0 (SPP 2.0).” This comprehensive project is set to bridge the gap between the Nepali diaspora and their homeland.

An international marketing committee has been formed to oversee the plan’s execution. Renowned Chartered Marketer (CM) and Founder of the Nepalese Marketing Association (NMA), Dr. Tulsi Dharel, who brings over 25 years of international consulting experience, has been appointed as the Committee Coordinator. The committee has a tenure of two-years.

The primary objective of this visionary project is to foster a trilateral partnership between NRNA and the International Coordinating Council, National Coordinating Council, and various financial and non-profit partners across 87 countries associated with NRNA. Over the next two years, our multifaceted efforts will span across sectors such as tourism, education, healthcare, and business, aiming to strengthen the bonds that link the Nepali diaspora with Nepal.


Dr. Puru Shrestha is the advisor of this project.  Additionally, the Committee is proud to welcome dedicated members: Mr. Chiran Kumar Khawas, Ms. Usha Kiran Baria Pokharel, Mr. Subas Bhatt, Mr. Deepak Dhital, Mr. RC Pant, Ms. Rubina Sharma, and Ms. Baba Rajeshwari Thapa, who will play vital roles in realizing our collective vision.

The NRNA Social Partnership Plan 2.0 is a strategic initiative of the Treasury/Financial Sustainability Department aimed at enhancing the financial sustainability of the organization. With an ambitious goal to secure a cumulative financial benefit of one billion Nepali Rupees for the organization by 2025, through synergistic collaborations with financial and non-profit partners, including the International Coordinating Council and National Coordinating Council across 87 countries, this initiative marks a significant milestone.

We firmly believe that this plan will serve as a keystone in our pursuit of sustainable development, encouraging investments in the Nepali diaspora, and propelling socio-economic advancement.

The Non-Resident Nepali Association extends a warm invitation to the International Coordinating Council, National Coordinating Council, and our esteemed financial and non-profit partners to actively participate in this transformative strive.


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